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Our Story

Harry's Farm to Table Restaurant, located in the lush surroundings of Fauquier County, Virginia, served as a living memorial to Harry Connelly Groome. In 1899, Harry's dream began when he acquired vast lands, later blossoming into Airlie estate. Harry was a renowned local historian who had a deep respect for the past and a passionate affection for Virginia.  

Decades later, Airlie's transformation established a restaurant named "Harry's." This restaurant embraced Harry's values, sourcing ingredients locally, and embodying sustainability. Diners were not just treated to exquisite farm-to-table cuisine but were immersed in Harry's spirit. The dishes echoed the harmony between flavors and the land, preserving the heart of Virginia's heritage. 

As sunlight painted the hills each evening, Harry's legacy shone on. The tales of his devotion to history, land, and Virginia whispered within the walls. Harry's passion lived on through every bite savored and every memory made, forever intertwining his essence with the restaurant that bore his name. 

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